The Association of Language Testers in Europe (ALTE)

ALTE – The Association of Language Testers in Europe – is a pan-European association of language testing bodies. Each member provides examinations of the language which is spoken as a mother tongue in their own country or region. Through its 35 members ALTE currently represents 26 European languages across 25 countries. ALTE aims to address issues of quality, fairness and standards in language assessment and testing, and to promote the transnational recognition of language certifications. It does this through regular meetings and conferences, research projects, publications and other activities carried out with these objectives in mind. ALTE is an active member of the project – a project funded through the European Commission's Lifelong Learning Programme and the result of the deliberations of the EU Civil Society Platform on Multilingualism – which promotes multilingualism in Europe. ALTE is responible for project quality control, which involves critically reviewing all project reports and deliverables prior to finalisation. ALTE also runs a Professional Development Programme which offers courses in language testing at different levels, including a Foundation Course for teachers. The association also has a Special Interest Group (SIG) on teacher training which looks at various issues in this area (teacher evaluation, assessment and skills).

Role in ProM

ALTE is in charge of assuring the quality of the project’s processes and results.